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app Name : Piano Teacher apk
Package Name :com.rubycell.pianisthd
Category : Music & Audio
app or game: application
price : free
Version : 20141023
Last Update : October 22, 2014
Size : 10M
Rate : 372,924
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The best piano app for Android – Pianist HD Finger Tap Piano Tutorial


The best piano app for Android – Pianist HD Finger Tap Piano Tutorial.

To install it, search for “pianist” in Google Play

Thank you very much.

Pianist HD is the most enjoyable way to enjoy with a virtual Piano for Android
This piano app is great! It has built in songs to learn from, many instruments, and a record function. Also you can change key size by going to the menu (top right corner, gear shape), also choices for double and triple boards. A great k-board app!
Learn Piano by yourself to be the great Pianist. This application is the most enjoyable way to play the melody and chords. Among the similar applications in the market, Pianist-Finger Touch Piano are considered the best application with 5-star voted always.
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New features updated:
✓ New Ad Display and Shop flow design, Everyone Needs to Eat – Please support us and we will keep contribute much more awesome features
✓ Fixed: background activity force close bug
✓ Better key name with 3 colors for every octet
✓ Better HQ Sounds Quality
✓ Improved “Auto Hand” feature in practice mode, perform mode, mirror and classic double keyboards modes. NOW YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO PLAY PIANO WITH YOUR FRIEND!!
✓ Much netter 3 keyboards experience in the triple mode
✓ In-app build-in Video Tutorial has been added in the first time your install this Piano, access the video later in the SETTINGS section please
✓ NOW you can load MIDI file from the SD-Card to play, we hope it will work well
Pianist HD Finger Tap Piano Is a Perfect Piano Keyboard For Android:
✓ In-app Shop with google IAP (aka IAB) is supported
✓ New help and tutorial in the settings section
✓ More musical instruments HQ sounds: piano HQ, hand drum, guitar HQ, harmonica, bell, music box, organ, guitar bass etc…
✓ Branch new finger key-by-key guide mode, learn to play piano in the easy way
✓ Magic Piano mode like famous piano apps from Smule and Guitar Hero
✓ Awesome Key press graphic effect, please active magic piano mode for this
✓ Realistic feeling with vibration option
✓ Create, share & download from Cloud services
✓ Sound options: Real sound & digital sound ( mid, midi )
✓ Settings section with full support function for beginner
✓ Keyboard & speed options
✓ Two-row and two-row mirror mode with multi-players & multi-instruments function.
✓ Single learn to play, Single perform, three-row mode
✓ Record and playback to create & share your masterpiece with friends and family
✓ Beat mixing function
✓ Learn-to-play mode with the preloaded collection of famous songs
✓ Kid mode available. You and your child can have much fun together
✓ Game center, cloud sharing, where you can download more packages updated frequently.
✓ Various works of greatest artist available
✓ High Quality sounds of musical instrument to unlock: Piano, Drum, Trumpet, Violin, Guitar, Bass, Sax…
✓ Professional feedback & support system via email, help desk
✓ Available for all Android phones
✓ Designed for Android Tablet ( Optimized )
The application is updated from time to time with much more interesting features. We welcome all your comments and feedback.
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Piano Teacher is one of the best effortless piano apps on Android! Try it and master your piano songs with no hard practice.Over 10 million downloads on Google Play! 128 musical instruments and more than 50,000 songs are available in this free piano tutor app. Piano Teacher is not only the most elegant game to enjoy your songs, note by note, but also a great app to learn how to play music any time, anywhere.To start your journey with Piano Teacher, just pick a cool song in the songbook and learn how to play it in 1 minute. You can choose from 3 beautiful keyboard themes and a wide range of keyboard modes. It is possible for you to share fun with your friend by selecting the double keyboard mode. Other favorable functions like recording, social sharing and key size change are ready to improve your experience.Any Midi file (.mid or .midi) and Karaoke file can be loaded and played in Piano Teacher. We love to listen to your concerns, please drop us a message at [email protected] you like this app, a positive rating or review would be huge support for us. Thank you very much! New features:✓ Support for External Midi Keyboards over USB (require android 3.1 and later).✓ New in-app tutorial.✓ Various languages supported: default, Japanese, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Romanian, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian.✓ Better key labels with different colors for every octet.✓ Better HQ Sounds.✓ Improved "Auto Hand" feature in practice, perform, mirror and classic double keyboard modes. Now your friend can join you on the piano!✓ Video Tutorial can be accessed in the in-app Settings menu.✓ Now you can load Midi and Karaoke files from your SD-Card to play. We hope it will work well.Other favorable features:✓ HQ instrument sounds: piano HQ, hand drum, guitar HQ, harmonica, bell, music box, organ, guitar bass✓ Brand new finger key-by-key guide mode helping you learn the piano in the easiest way. ✓ Magic piano mode to play for relaxation.✓ Awesome key press graphic effects.✓ Real feeling with vibration.✓ Create, share & download songs from our cloud sharing service.✓ Sound options: Real sound & digital sound (mid – midi – kar format).✓ Settings menu with full support function for beginners.✓ Keyboard & speed control options.✓ Two-row and two-row mirror modes with multi-player & multi-instrument function.✓ Single and three-row modes.✓ Record and playback to create & share your masterpieces with the world.✓ Learn-to-play mode with the pre-loaded collection of famous songs.✓ Availble kid mode bringing fun to your children.✓ Numerous works by greatest artists.✓ HQ sounds of musical instruments: Piano, Drum, Trumpet, Violin, Guitar, Bass, Sax…✓ Professional feedback & support system via emails and help desk.✓ Available for all Android phones✓ Designed for Android Tablets (Optimized).✓ Studio quality sound, Midi effect and note velocity, aftertouch, pitch bend.✓ Looped playback.✓ Free music library from cloud sharing service and online search engine.Piano Teacher is constantly updated with much more interesting features. Any comment or feedback is welcomed.About Us: We provide fun, interactive learning applications and social games for iOS, Android devices. Visit us at http://rubycell.com or http://pianisthd.com.