google play apk Call Utils

google play apk Call Utils

google play apk Call Utils
google play apk Call Utils is an utility application, serving to issue you a hand in numerous telephone call related operations. Noticeable FEATURES • Floating call takes note of that can be re-sized, moved, shut, or even minimized• Message the note while on the call.• Add a note while on the call.• Activate ‘reject calls’ to reject calls consequently before the ring• Option to send a mechanized custom message to rejected caller.• Option to open up the WhatsApp chatbox of rejected caller.• Set exemptions to get calls just from them.• Call boycott (Call blocker – approaching calls from boycott guests are blocked).• Call Recorder – Record approaching and active brings in 5 separate arrangements. Perused on. •  NoteTag – NoteTags are pop-up ring notes that show amid a telephone call. They are re-sizable, mobile, and can likewise be minimized or shut. You can set an alternate note for every contact, and the notes can be 50 characters in length (no length confinements in Call Utils Pro). On the off chance that a contact has a note set, you can anticipate that the note will appear on accepting a call from them or making a call to them. Also, you can likewise have notes pop-up for contacts who don’t have a note set (You will need to empower this choice in settings). This is valuable on the off chance that you’d like to include a note amid the call. The notes can be informed from inside the NoteTag with simply a click of a button.You can have 10 separate notes set for 10 separate contacts (there’s no restriction set in the Pro form of this application).- – – – – – -•  Call Reject – By “initiating” call reject from inside the application, you are going to let the application deal with which calls you might want to go to and which ones you need consequently finished before the ring. Exemptions (a.k.a Whitelists) are the ones whose calls will go the distance regardless of the possibility that call reject is in a dynamic state. Call reject accompanies an alternative to react with a mechanized content (custom) message instantly after the dismissal. This highlight can be empowered from the settings menu. Moreover, on the off chance that you might want to react with a WhatsApp message, we lament to educate you, you can’t do that – WhatsApp does not permit that. In spite of the fact that, you can have the application open up the guest’s Whatsapp chatbox promptly after the call is rejected.- – – – – – -•  Call Blacklist – Callers you need to completely square, and not get notification from. A call from a boycott occupant will be dismisses independent of call reject’s initiation. They won’t be reacted with a robotized message.You will be told of a blocked call from a boycott, and they’ll have their spot in the application’s logs.- – – – – – -•  Call Recorder – Record brings in 5 separate organizations – MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC and FLAC. Few gadget fittings don’t bolster downlink call recording, and can just record through the mic. In which case, turn on the speaker amid the call, to record both voices.- – – – – – -That’s for now. We’ll keep the application upgraded, and ideally, even have new highlights included progressively.App Icon by Valéria Boikova (@scri google play apk

Statistics Application:
Name : Call Utils apk
Package Name
Category : Tools
app or game: app
Is a free application?: Is free and can be downloaded
Version : 1.1.3
Last Update : April 15, 2015
Size : 2.9M
Number of Voters: 33
Downloads from Google Play: 500 – 1,000

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